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After Their Vows (Modern) - I typically give HQN books 3-stars because I typically like them. This book was not very likable. Angie, the lead female is a doormat, while Roque, male lead, is a jerk. Angie left Roque after she witnessed him making-out with his ex. She believed he slept with her as well. He didn't, but so what. The guy cheated then refused to apologize or acknowledge his mistake throughout. Instead the book focused too much on what a poor wife Angie was. Again, so what. If I become a lowsy wife to my husband, I expect him to divorce me, not cheat. The lead female, upon deciding Roque didn't sleep with his ex, was perfectly fine with his actions. Because she was a 'poor wife' she thinks she deserved it. UGH! Women of the world should not accept cheating in reaction to problems in the marriage.Only redeeming factor was the couple of honest conversations, but I had to struggle through the entire book to get there.