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Faefever - Karen Marie Moning 3.49-StarsThis book was the best in the series so far. There was more added to the overall story, adding greatly to the existing mysteries. A few more characters added new layers and depth. The action was there from beginning to end. This was what I enjoyed.The writing still isn't top notch, but easier to ignore with more going on. Mac still isn't my favorite heroine, but has improved from book 1. This could have been a 4-star book, but I said before, there would be a deduction for V'lane becoming romantic interest...and I meant it. The guy is CREEPY. Mac insists she trusts no one. Rightfully so. She seems to give V'lane the benefit of the doubt though, because he gives her supposed information, but his actions and obvious distain for humans is at odds with him helping Mac. Barrons doesn't give Mac information (and orgasms), but his actions have done nothing but convey he at least should be entrusted with her life, but Mac NEVER gives him the benefit of doubt and always assumes the worst. Character hypocrisy is a major peeve of mine, and Mac is as hypocritical as they come. It's annoying and an obvious ploy to add a love triangle-esque plot with a creature that will obviously turn on them all. Barrons hides a lot, but he isn't the liar V'lane definitely is. The ending...just awful, but, again, obvious. Authors do this thing when rape is going to appear in a series. They bring it up in another context. In this series it was forewarned with V'lane's fattempted rape and in this book with Barron's use of the voice. I knew it was going to happen at some point, so there wasn't a lot of shock. I was shocked the book ended on that note. Thank goodness I was able to start the next immediately.