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Dreamfever - Karen Marie Moning Another solid 3-stars.Hard not to give lower rating than book 3. Book 3 was intense and complicated and climatic. Book 4 was like going downhill on the roller-coaster, but a coaster for kiddies. For the world being altered so dramatically, I would have expected more...well...drama. I thought the book was more like another build-up for the finale not necessarily a build-up of story. Too similar to Books 1 and 2, more information than action. I find I'm more irritated by Mac and her decisions than passionately appalled. I think that says more about how I feel about the book than anything--not passionately interested in the books but interested enough to at least have some feelings. I'm definitely invested in the conclusion and will gladly press on. My rating is a true reflection of Goodreads ranking---liked it.