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Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning 4-stars The final installment was exciting. So many questions answered and shit-load more left to uncover. Would have been a diservice to the series to wrap ending in tidy bow. The bad guy, who I wasn't surprised by, didn't get revealed until the very last minute. Much of the book was a series of misleading or incorrect conclusions, maybe a few too many, but it was a page turner. I will read future books if they are about this new world. I wouldn't mind sneek peeks at Mac and Barrons life. My interest now lies with Dani, Christian and Ryodan mostly.The book was significantly longer than the first four, but a good 100 pgs was unreadable and unnecessary IMO. Mac's internal dialogues are LONG and often repetative. Mac is not my favorite heroine, even v. 5.0, so in hindsight I can easily see a story told entirely from her perspective was not always enjoyable for me. Readers beware that, although I've said all along the story itself is good, these books are NOT an example of well written books. If you can look past that, you can probably enjoy the story.