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Darkfever - Karen Marie Moning I've been back and forth about about whether to give 2 or 3 stars. I've decided 2.33 is adequate and not enough to round up. My feelings and reasons are as follows:The Good:1. The premise is original and interesting. Just enough to get me to read the next book. Other's reviews and recommendations tell me this isn't the highlight of the series, so I will press on.Okay that was it for the good.The Bad:1. The leading lady, Mac, is vapid at best and uninspiring as a character I want to follow in 4 more books. There was minimal "growth" by the end and am hoping for less focus on her lost blond hair and "rainbow" wardrobe2. I was put off by the storytelling. There was too much, "I didn't know then, but would soon learn" comments. When I say too much, if it were a drinking game, I'd be hospitalized with severe alcohol poisoning by the book's conclusion. It was all foreshadowing to future events, but I can't remember a single one. Maybe I should have taken notes.3. The only real action took place in the last 30 pages. It was like an afterthought...better get something in here so they'll pick up the next book...suckers. And I'm one of those suckers. Damnit!4. The scenes with the Seelie Prince, V'lane, were confusing and poorly constructed. What I don't understand is, Mac is right in saying it would in essence be rape for V'lane to bone her, but she also admits to herself she does want him. I understand it is his "power" to have her wanting him, but so does she. I'm confused...does she want him sexually as a person or is it just his "power". Again, everything about those scenes were done badly. Her feelings and sudden lack of clothing was were all over the place, figuratively and literally. Which leads me too...The Ugly:1. The writing in this book was just awful. In good conscience I couldn't give 3-stars because much of the book should be skimmed. 15 pages in, I was complaining about the writing. 15 PAGES! That's just absurd. I internal dialogue of Mac was painful. The character development of Mac and Barrens was non-existent. If I don't hear or read the word "demarcation" again, it will be too soon. The thesaurus is your friend. I wondered if it was on one of the "Word-of-the-Day" calenders. I blame the author, the editor and publisher for not spending a little more time refining what does have the potential to be a good story.As I said, I will read the rest of the books, because the premise of a good story is laid out, but it's not in this book. Holding out hope for the next books.