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Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress - Abby Green Stupid title and bad cover art, but surprisingly good story. I've read enough M&B and HQN books to be wary of those gorgeous, but ruthless Greek leading men. Ari was no different. It was a pleasant surprise for the leading lady to be, well, a normal woman of normal size, or as the author states, 'plump'. Ari loved Lucy's body and her knack for being so contrary towards him, and I loved the same things. There are, however, so many cliched bits that I've become almost immune to their intent. A couple examples---Lucy is so attracted and turned she feels faint and clumsy...ALOT. Ari is such a typical alpha male (HQN style), you could read ANY book about a Greek billionaire from Harlequin or Mills & Boon, relplace the names and BAM...instant Greek billionaire tycoon. I keep reading them though, just don't read the same type of books back-to-back. The story was typical and the characters were typical. Extra points for full figured leading lady.3.25 stars - I liked it.