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His Kiss - Melanie Marks 3.0 stars of High Scool Cuteness.This story was sooo high school, but in a surprisingly good way. The language wasn't annoying or trying too hard like many YA authors attempt. Ally was the good girl who just broke up with her good guy boyfriend (but he was a real tool in mind). She ends up kissing bad boy Griffin and becomes a high school stalker leaving him treats and poems. Way cuter than just plain 'ole creepy stalking. Anyway, Ally convinces herself that she doesn't want the bad guy, while Griffin is completely sweet and thoughtful towards her. Overall it was a sweet, quick read. (Just kissing, no roaming hands or mouths---teen appropriate)Sidenote: GR has this book on BEST LOVE STORIES. I liked it, but no effin way would I categorize this book as a love story. The word isn't even used in relation to Ally and Griffin and they didn't have a relationship in the book. It was a sweet story about good girl wanting bad boy. I will never be able to take one of GR lists seriosly again.