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To Love, Honor and Betray - Jennie Lucas Typically, HQN books are a three star venture. The characters in this book were well done. So often you get an a-hole man--tyrant is the word most used--Eduardo was no different, but he had a back story that made his actions and motivations realistic to his situation. Callie was a small town family-oriented girl who loved Eduardo through his faults. Thoroughly enjoyed! Please note, IMO, there was nothing erotic or offensive about the sex in this book. The scene another reviewer quoted was out of context and frankly the wording was true to the situation. Callie and Eduardo hadn't been together in a year at which time they only had sex once. Neither had been with another since then (Callie lost her virginity then). BTW, I appreciate when a lead male isn't sleeping around, like a man can't go without sex, ridiculous idea. Callie did just have a baby. I think her questions and doubts were in line with someone who only had sex once and just had a baby. I think Eduardo's actions were in line with a man who hasn't had sex in year and was claiming the woman he wanted... This book was a Mills & Boon release in Europe. I believe the older Presents series from Harlequin are the least sexual, but every other modern book I've read from Silhouette, Mill & Boon, and the Blaze and Desire books are sexual in nature. If you don't like the sex scenes, I wouldn't bother reading them.