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Love and Other Natural Disasters - Holly Shumas Disclosure: I am super nit-picky about books that involve real life circumstances. Makes my reviews tougher than feel good chick-lit.If you read the synoposis, it is pretty obvious what you are going to get in this book. I brokenhearted, confused woman that questions every thing about herself and choices. Believable...yes. Where this book lost me was the anger issue. This woman discovered her husband LOVED another woman, had for some time and hid his feelings and actions for a year. Jon, then lied and half-assed his way towards reconcilation and there was never a real confrontation between the two. Believable...no.Another problem was Ray, the short term boyfriend of Eve while separated from Jon. The dating wasn't the problem, although the author did not make the guy seem very appealing. It was the mind blowing sex she had (which didn't read as very mind blowing)followed immediately with I want to get back with Jon. Come the f--k on! Believable...no.Finally, Eve discovered most of what Jon was doing and feeling through reading his emails without him knowing. Honestly, I get it. She no longer trusted the guy, what did he expect. So when he found out, he blew up and for some unknown reason the author wrongly put Eve's action on par with Jon having an emotional affair with another woman for a year. Again, come the f--k on! When Jon discusses the email issue with Eve, he says she could have just asked him questions about the other woman and his feelings/actions and he would have answered, she didn't have to get "half the story" from his emails. So I read this book and the guy was not being honest with Eve or himself, yet I'm supposed to agree with his point-of-view about Eve reading the emails? So I initially gave 3-stars, then wrote the review and realized this isn't a 3-star book, because I didn't like it. I'm ready to read an book where the scorned, cheated on wife isn't made to feel guilty about what SHE did to cause the husband to cheat. I'm ready to read a book that empowers a woman to move on from a man that chose to cheat instead of working with his wife to make a better life. I'm SO ready to read a book that does NOT tell a woman that forgiving transgressions is okay because she wasn't a perfect wife. 2-stars.