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Vet's Desire (Big Girls Lovin' Trilogy, #3) - Angela Verdenius 4-Star Book...4-Star SeriesI'm not sure this book can be truly appreciated unless the first two books have been read. Tim is typical playboy leading male finding love for the first time, but the story was better than your typical because you really got to understand WHY he was very love 'em and leave 'em. The interactions between Tim and his friends were fantastic through the entire series and this book was no different.Cindy was a great example of a woman who accepted and liked herself as is, but still suffered the insecurities nearly all woman feel. From Cherry, to Maddy, to Cindy...the series covered how women can handle themselves with self-image to relationships. Cindy was a great character to read about as a stand-alone book, but even more enjoyable in the context of this series.