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Unholy Ghosts - Stacia Kane Tried to read this book last year, but it didn't click with me at the time. Started the book again a few days ago and the entire experience has been strange...I really enjoyed the world and characters written. The mystery was intriguing and the story moved at a steady pace. Chess's drug use didn't bother me, in fact made her more interesting. The Downside language only added to the world of magic, poverty and ghosts. I really liked this book. What is strange is how I couldn't focus on the book (wasn't a page turner). Again, the book didn't click. I forced my way through, but slightly discouraged at my response. What I'm looking forwrd to is Terrible. The best anti-hero I've ever read. What I'm not looking forward to is how Chess will fuck up with Terrible and break his heart. Chess is so self-destructive I can't begin to count the ways she mess up. Two things: hope the love-triangle isn't drawn out (I hate those stories) AND I really, really hope there is no cheating, because I may accept Chess's faults and addictions, but I won't be able to follow her if she ever cheats on Terrible.If this book had clicked with me, I could give 5-stars, but it didn't. Somehow I still really like this book even having to force my way through. Strange.