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A Scandal, a Secret, a BabyMarriage Scandal, Showbiz Baby! - Sharon Kendrick Although the are is gray, I found myself preferring the first book to the second novella. The difference was sleeping with a woman shortly after breaking up or making out with a woman while married. For me the non-cheater will always win out. Neither were great reads for simple reasons. Reasons I'd like Harlequin writers to make note of. First, when a relationship fails, both parties are usually to blame. That is a poor excuse for cheating though. The woman always apologizes for her failings as a wife when the man apologizes for cheating. What year is this? Women are still being held responsible for cheating partners? Harlequin hasn't gotten the memo. The second reason these books weren't great were the men. There wasn't anything endearing about them. No life struggle to really account for their selfish, thoughtless behavior. The first book, the guy married a professional, touring musician, then became resentful when he didn't become the stay-at-home wife he wanted. The second book involved an actor, who never stopped working, blaming his wife for be a non-stop actress. In the end it was both men getting what they wanted. Again, what year is this? I started with 3-stars, then 2 halfway through the review, but now...1-star.