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It Had to Be You - Susan Elizabeth Phillips This book was an easy read for me. I like football, so that part of the story wasn't a hardship. There were some funny moments and awkward...namely OJ Simpson doing an after game interview. It was accurate for the 90's setting this books takes place, but come on, OJ Simpson. I digress, back to the romance. I found I really liked Phoebe. She was written as an almost typical sex abuse victim. First she used sex as a way to punish herself then became impossibly closed off to men. She reeked of sexuality and used it as a way to guard her true self and control the men around her. But she is smart and funny and easy to like. Dan is hot-tempered and, well, hot. Their arguments were some of the best dialogue in the book. The first scene he had with his ex-wife was creepy though. Not a Valerie fan. I'm not really fond of having a books hero have sex with another female in a book, especially in detail sex. Always off-putting to me. Dan not only has sex with his ex-wife early in the book, but dates another woman while he's sleeping with Phoebe. He's an idiot.As a couple, I found them perfectly matched and enjoyed them coming together as friends and lovers.