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Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren Loved it, Loved it, LOVED IT! Great contemporary romance and incredible sex. Bennett was an unabashed asshole. Chloe is spunky and sarcastic and what I want all my female leads to be. The combination of two was hot and unforgettable. There is some hoopla about the book's fanfiction start. I've read the "Twilight" series and there is no trace of Bella or Edward in these pages, so I could care less. This book is no rip-off. One could argue that BB was inspired by Twilight and they would be right, much like Twilight was inspired by hundreds of vampire novels, teen romances and love triangle romances. Twilight is as "original" as Beautiful Bastard. If you don't want to read/support P2P books, don't buy and read them. So many 1-star reviews are simply bullshit reviews to complain about the books beginning. Can't wait to read more of the series.