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Serpent's Kiss (Elder Races Series #3)

Serpent's Kiss - Thea Harrison This book fell flat with me. Rune had such promise as a leading man and there was just no appeal for me. Carling's personality transformation was so unbelievable and abrupt is was comical. The connection between a disconnect to me.The plot wasn't nearly as smooth or forward moving as the two previous books (which I gave 5-stars to), so the ending held all the good action but one of the most devastating (to me) events was blew through and didn't make sense in many ways. Rune and Dragos had a falling out over Dragos telling Rune to come home to avoid the fall out surrounding Carly's condition. I read it as Dragos was trying to protect Rune, what is wrong with that. Rune never explained the situation to Dragos, just said I quit and referred to him as a former friend. I clearly remember Dragos and Tiagos showing Rune much more consideration in their mating frenzy than Rune showed those two. Dragos even backed up Rune and Carling to the Elder Council after learning Rune and Carling had mated. I'm just really disappointed that there wasn't a reconciliation and really disappointed with Rune's petulant attitude towards Dragos...Overall, this book wasn't great in what I have found to be an excellent series to this point. I am a devoted series reader so I know this is common in most series so I press forward.*One note from this book, I really hope for Grace getting an HEA. I just loved her appearance and she was a breath of fresh air in a rather stale story.