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Sweet Addiction (Sweet, #6)

Sweet Addiction (Sweet, #6) - Maya Banks So difficult for an author to create a believable Triad relationship. This book was not believalbe. It was forced. The lead female (Ren) wasn't a character I felt I wanted to have a happy ending and the two male leads don't even like each other (except for when it is said they do a year later is the epilogue). The entire book was a show of BDSM and angst. My favorite part of this seris prior is the characters and how light and even humorous is can be at times. This book was a major departure from the books previously in this series. When I read the book blurb prior to its release, I had an inkling that it would lead to a triad relationship (something Banks has already explored in other books) and even knowing that going in, didn't make the ending that any easier to accept. All in all, I did not like this book as a stand-alone book and liked it even less as part of a series I genuinely liked until this point.