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Heart of Obsidian

Heart of Obsidian - Nalini Singh *This review contains the name of the heroine (although wasnt' a huge surprise) and no mention of the Ghost*I find that, often, when I read I'm analyzing as I go. Not a bad thing, just something I do. The same cannot be said about HoO. I was immersed in the story, the world, the characters and the relationships. The book was so masterfully written that it was like living each word. Nalini Singh is far and away the best storyteller in this genre and HoO is the best written book of this series.Fans, like myself, could have missed the changeling presence that has been a staple of this series, but Kaleb and Sahara's individuals stories and relationship was so captivating that including side stories would have greatly taken away from the main plot and flow that made the book so exceptional. Sahara had just enough darkness and edge that she wasn't annoying--as I find Sasha to be over the series--but the light and life she brought to Kaleb was beautiful. I love how her devotion and loyalty to Kaleb never wavered, even when she suspected him of the worst. Her revelations throughout were paced well and didn't prevent the relationship from growing. I appreciate that greatly since often "amnesia" in stories works as a barrier where Sahara's memory loss played well into the books progression.Kaleb just usurped Judd's place as my favorite male in the series. Amazing really given that Kaleb really isn't good--he's cold, brutal, calculating, manipulative--but wholly devoted to the first person that actually saw him. Most moving part was Kaleb's thought that having Sahara was his reward for surviving. After knowing the hell he survived and knowing Sahara is the very best part of him, his revelation moved me like no other part in the book. To sum of the experience, BRILLIANT. The writing was phenomenal, and the story was emotional. **Sidenote**I like "Tangle of Need", the previous book, a little less than before. Kaleb and Sahara mated. What happened to them is what occurs with changelings.... Adria and Riaz's relationship is even less romantic after reading Kaleb and Sahara's book.