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Dragon Bound (Elder Races Series #1)

Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison This book is really exceptional for many reasons. The plot was exciting and moved forward at a steady pace. The romance that grew between Pia and Dragos wasn't forced and was believable in the context. There is also countless more characters that I look forward to reading more about in future books.What I really, really, REALLY loved about this book is Dragos. The author, Thea Harrison, did something that is almost never done with the "Alpha Male" characters so prevalent today. Dragos said "I'm sorry" because he was, he asked what he could do to not upset Pia again. I've been a little worn on the unyielding dominant male for a while. This book gave a VERY dominant alpha male, that was only unyielding when necessary and good partner and friend the rest of the time. Simply a breath of fresh air.Read in a day and couldn't put it down!