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Gunmetal Magic (Kate Daniels World #1)

Gunmetal Magic -  Ilona Andrews I knew I'd like the book, and pleased to discover I loved the book. There were so many high points for me, that the couple of hiccups had no impact on my enjoyment.1. I know these are Kate's stories, but I really want a HEA for Roman. He was a scene-stealer throughout and there wasn't a moment I wanted less of him. More Roman please.2. Andrea has been a kickass supporting character and she makes an incredible lead as well. I wanted to know if the closest situation was cleared up...I'm assuming yes, but that story line felt a bit unfinished.3. Raphael's personality is darker than other books, but it makes sense. He was truly heartbroken by his and Andrea's split. Of coarse I don't like how he handled it, but love and love lost can make anyone lose their minds...and he did. I do hope we get more bouda courting in future books. It is just so funny and sweet.4. The story itself was great. These books are great whodunnit stories. Kate's books are a little more layered, but the trade-off was loads of information about the creation of gods and shapeshifters. It was an exchange I was happy to get.Overall - 4.5